Black & Furr’n

IMG_20180606_112550_454Perspective; When I’m up I’m up, and when I’m down I’m up.

I really have always loved black outfits, one because they’re easy to pair with almost any other item or shoe and two because they are easy to accessorize. I got this turtle neck black dress quite sometime back and decided to pair it with my fur coat and brown heels which are probably my fave heels and on the accessories I decided to do the Masai bracelet to add a pop of color to an otherwise dull outfit.

I also added my bold red lippie to give the entire look a statement and finally my sunnies which y’all are probably used to by now. On the real though, I love sunglasses, could wear them in the sun, in the rain, at dawn, when it’s pitch black,  at any place and any time. Do you relate?  The thing I discovered about sunnies is that they elevate your look real quick making you look classy and chic. Get yourself a pair if you don’t have one yet and thank me later.

This outfit could be paired with sneakers or sandals whatever your preference, and you could wear it on a chill weekend or when running errands since it’s super comfortable. Where would you wear it to? How differently would you pair it? Let me know in the comments section.

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Berets & Bloom


Never tire of doing what is good.  (1 Thessalonians 3:13)

Well hello there, I really missed this space so I decided to not only surprise y’all but myself too, by posting on a Sunday evening. I’m practicing a new habit which is getting out of my comfort zone, so here goes a post. What new productive habits have you picked up along so far this year? Also is it just me or is it bloom season all around? So many beautiful flowers in all colors, shapes and sizes. Dang!

I picked this outfit pretty randomly but I’m so glad they worked perfectly. The skirt is one of my fave pieces especially because of its fit and the lace. The tee is also a steal for me especially since it’s in burgundy which is such a beautiful color and finally  I threw in the white coat which actually was tailor made and fitted.The shoes were a pair of comfortable flats. To top it off I wore a beret which is back in season, guys fashion trends really do evolve and some from way back make it back.

This outfit pairing is transitional meaning it could be formal and informal at once. You could turn up for work in the white blazer, then later in the evening you can loose the blazer or wear it off your shoulders for a chill evening of drinks with the girls. Either way this outfit is so bomb! Where would you wear this outfit to? And how differently would you pair it? ( Let’s chat on the comment section below)

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Beret: thrift

Skirt & tee : Mr price

earrings: Masai market










Guard your heart with diligence; for out of it flows the issues of life. (Proverbs 4:23)

Howdy? It’s March my people, like I mean we’re almost wrapping up the first quarter of 2018. I hope and believe your life is on track towards your goals and all you set out to achieve this year.Yes?

We all love some good sunshine don’t we? Not the scotching one but the sweet soothing warm one that sinks deep into our skin. You know what I’m talking about? See now, in this cold chilly weather in Nairobi I really actually miss that sun and I know y’all do, but  don’t worry I gat you guys. Today I bring you some sunshine right through your phone/computer screen. Ha!

We took these photos sometime back when the sun was out. Hope you enjoy them! For the outfit is just a simple red off- shoulder that I thrift-ed from the online Instagram pages, the shoes which I think are my fave are from Mr price, i got them during a sale for a steal. Guys sales are heaven-sent!

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One too many!

      ~ If something is worth doing,then it’s worth doing till the end.~

Howdy? Your girl is back with another post, this time it’s all about this thrifted piece which I absolutely love. Nothing screams comfort like a loosely fitted wide legged jumpsuit. Win! Also did I mention it’s off-one-shoulder, again win!

So the other day as I was stepping out,my mom looked at my pants and exclaimed, those pants again?Meaning she’d seen me in them one too many times,but in my defense they are super cute and comfy,maybe I’ll do a post about them. So does that happen to you,wearing certain pieces you have a lot,oblivious of it until someone calls you out on it like my mom did? Let me know in the comment section.

So since this jumpsuit was already so comfy I wore it with sandals to add more comfort. Ha! It would be suitable for a nice chill outdoor event or when you’re just hanging with friends. Also ladies, a jumpsuit is a wardrobe staple,get yourself one!

Thanks for reading.

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Jumpsuit and sandals -thrift

Earrings- Masai market.

Striped Up


For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. (Matthew 6:21)

Happy new week lovelies! This year, more than ever before, I am determined to put out there as much quality content as I can. Sometimes the struggle to stay motivated is real, but I’ve learnt that it’s all about being disciplined and intentional about what it is that you really want then going and getting it.

Being intentional is aligning your thoughts, words and most importantly actions. Having a desire to achieve the goals you’ve set out for yourself, and setting your own timelines. Once you’re intentional about something you’ll be motivated to work on it and see it through to a successful end, and this single minded focus is what it takes to be great!

For this outfit pairing, I wanted to achieve a semi-formal look by pairing the stripped shirt with the camo skirt and throwing the denim jacket in there as a cover up. This pairing in a work setting could prolly work on Fridays where everyone is loosening up for the weekend.

What do you think about this pairing? How differently would you pair it?

Thanks for reading!

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Shirt and skirt- LC Waikiki

Denim Jacket- thrift

shoes- online shop(found it on Instagram)







Denim girl


‘Always be teachable ; never lose the will to want to learn and grow more each moment.’

Well hello there, it’s really been a long minute and I really missed this space but I’m glad to be back here. I hope your year has had a beautiful start.

So we kick off 2018 serving some shoulder Ha! This off shoulder top is pretty much one of my fave items in my closet, one because of the pop of color it brings with it and two because I’m really into off shoulders, I mean who isn’t ? So in case you don’t have an off shoulder piece, girl you should jot that down in your new year must-haves. i paired it with another one of my faves, my mom jeans. I might seem to really overstretch the word fave but i really like these two pieces combined!

You guys, mom jeans are literally among one of  the most comfortable pieces ever! Again no exaggeration here, just an excited girl voicing here opinion.Given the chance I would wear them on a daily. I paired them with a pair of brown heels and accessorized with these earrings. And ooh they are mom jeans because they aren’t exactly fitting just a slightly bigger but all the same stylish.

What do you think about this pairing? How different would you pair either your mom jeans or off shoulder top? Let’s get interactive on the comments section.

Thanks always for reading!

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Off shoulder- bought it in one of the stalls along moi avenue

Jeans and shoes- Mr p

earrings – thrift







Wide Legged Pants


 ‘You’re at your best when you’re authentic to your core’

Forever a denim girl, that’s  basically what I tell myself  but once I saw these wide legged pants on pinterest I was totally sold. I knew I had to get them!

Wide legged pants are basically similar to palazzo pants cause they are all wide towards the bottom. So I got mine tailor made and stripped cause if you’re going in you’ve got to go all the way. I paired them with my white plain tee. Accessories were minimal as the pants are meant to steal the entire show.

These pants are pretty much very chic, comfortable and classic, so girl if you haven’t considered at least one wide legged piece for your closet, then you’re missing out. Go ahead get you some wide legged pants, you can thank me later!

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Pants: tailor-made

Bag, sunnies, shoes: forever trendy 22