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‘Always be teachable ; never lose the will to want to learn and grow more each moment.’

Well hello there, it’s really been a long minute and I really missed this space but I’m glad to be back here. I hope your year has had a beautiful start.

So we kick off 2018 serving some shoulder Ha! This off shoulder top is pretty much one of my fave items in my closet, one because of the pop of color it brings with it and two because I’m really into off shoulders, I mean who isn’t ? So in case you don’t have an off shoulder piece, girl you should jot that down in your new year must-haves. i paired it with another one of my faves, my mom jeans. I might seem to really overstretch the word fave but i really like these two pieces combined!

You guys, mom jeans are literally among one of  the most comfortable pieces ever! Again no exaggeration here, just an excited girl voicing here opinion.Given the chance I would wear them on a daily. I paired them with a pair of brown heels and accessorized with these earrings. And ooh they are mom jeans because they aren’t exactly fitting just a slightly bigger but all the same stylish.

What do you think about this pairing? How different would you pair either your mom jeans or off shoulder top? Let’s get interactive on the comments section.

Thanks always for reading!

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Off shoulder- bought it in one of the stalls along moi avenue

Jeans and shoes- Mr p

earrings – thrift








Wide Legged Pants


 ‘You’re at your best when you’re authentic to your core’

Forever a denim girl, that’s  basically what I tell myself  but once I saw these wide legged pants on pinterest I was totally sold. I knew I had to get them!

Wide legged pants are basically similar to palazzo pants cause they are all wide towards the bottom. So I got mine tailor made and stripped cause if you’re going in you’ve got to go all the way. I paired them with my white plain tee. Accessories were minimal as the pants are meant to steal the entire show.

These pants are pretty much very chic, comfortable and classic, so girl if you haven’t considered at least one wide legged piece for your closet, then you’re missing out. Go ahead get you some wide legged pants, you can thank me later!

Thanks for reading.

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Pants: tailor-made

Bag, sunnies, shoes: forever trendy 22




Laced up


   ‘Act, think and dress for your future.’

Good afternoon my lovely readers ( hoping you’ll read this immediately I publish it) I believe y’all have been terrific, so is it just me or has this year pretty much rushed? I mean we’re heading to the last trimester of the year. It just seems like there’s so much to do in such little time, but heyy I digress!

I’m currently loving on this mustard top which you have probably seen here paired with this pretty little thing of a skirt. I randomly thought of pairing both and hey it actually worked, that plus the NUDE heels and yass i totally dig the look. What do you think? This skirt definitely screams weekend but paired with a more formal shirt it could do great for a more formal look. Also I’ve always wanted a lace skirt!

How would you pair your lace skirt?

Thanks for reading!

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Skirt: Mr price


Shoes: Mr price



Weekend REDy


  ‘Maybe our problem is that we spend too much time listening to ourselves and not enough time talking to ourselves’

Well hello there! I hope your week was awesome, I’m just here to bring you some weekend goodness.For the title I wanted to go with lady in red but that would have been pretty mainstream so I went with weekend REDy, get it? Cause my bomber is red, quite brilliant No? HA!

I went out and paired a black dress with my fave bomber jacket for this look and I loved it!Looking for a chill weekend look, give this a try.For the shoes I went for sneaks which you won’t see pictured but they’ll actually work great for the entire look.I’m huge on accessories so I wore my fave loop earrings and neck piece

The edit on the pictures is pretty polite, hope you love them though!

Thanks for reading Have a great weekend and stay blessed

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Bomber : Just Jojo Designs






Book Review

       The Alchemist ~ Paulo Coelho

Howdy? Today we’re switching it up just a little, as you may have read in the title I’ll be reviewing the alchemist.

I picked up the alchemist as a recommendation from a friend who loves books as much as I do, read and finished it a couple of months ago,now I can’t trace where I put it but I jotted down a few nuggets of wisdom which I’ll share with you.

The Alchemist is a book about a small sherpherd boy who pursues after his dream and goes all in at it no matter what challenges come his way.

The 4 key themes from the book are;

  1. ~ Dreams are a language of God and it’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting
  2. ~ When you want something the entire universe conspires to help you achieve it
  3. ~ People are capable at any time in their lives of doing what they dream of.
  4. ~ Nothing holds you back except yourself.So constantly dream but also get out there and make it happen! 

I hope this post was insightful,I’ll attach a picture of the book (the alchemist) which I took a while back. Currently I’m reading(You’ve already got it) which I’ll share with you once I’m done. Share your thoughts on today’s post in the comment section below.See you next week with a brand new style post!

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Floral Embroidered Shirt


           ” It’s much easier for you to keep something you’ve already got than to get something you don’t yet have.” 

Howdy? It’s been a minute, (hides) but I’ve really been up and about, but now I’m really back and yaass I know  my consistency is quite wanting but again I will work on being as consistent as possible. A huge thank you to everyone who consistently pushed me to upload , y’all are super duper awesome! Xx.

Now let’s get to this juicy piece of clothing, shall we? I have observed the embroidered trend for quite some time and when I spotted this shirt on a recent shopping spree with my mum I knew I had to get it! Embroidery is basically adding a decorative stitch on to a clothing item to make it more interesting. Case at hand; this was a basic pin stripped shirt but that floral embroidery made it more attractive and chic!

I initially wanted to pair it with a skirt but the white pants made a better fit. That and the red stilettos and my favorite (read only) white bag! How would you pair your embroidered shirt?

Thank you for reading.Cheers to a beautiful weekend,Stay blessed and don’t forget to subscribe for updates!

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Photography; Billy

MUA; Tash

Shirt; Lc Waikiki

Shoes; Backyard shoes

denim: Sasa mall stalls

watch : Daniel Wellington






Sweaters & Headwraps


Photography by Iam_mugich

Ola! Is it just me or is this cold weather everyone’s fave? The fact that you get to bring out those cozy warm sweaters and layer up your outfit just makes me want every season to be chill but that’s just my two cents!

So moving on swiftly to head wraps, I have always wanted to figure out how to tie one, and yaas you tube tutorials came through for me but yoh I have a long way to go for perfection. What do you think of my attempt?

Keep warm and enjoy the photos. Don’t forget to subscribe for updates

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