Sweaters & Headwraps


Photography by Iam_mugich

Ola! Is it just me or is this cold weather everyone’s fave? The fact that you get to bring out those cozy warm sweaters and layer up your outfit just makes me want every season to be chill but that’s just my two cents!

So moving on swiftly to head wraps, I have always wanted to figure out how to tie one, and yaas you tube tutorials came through for me but yoh I have a long way to go for perfection. What do you think of my attempt?

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Back to Basics


Photography by Iam_Mugich

Howdy! This week we talk basic closet must- haves or rather pieces that really shouldn’t miss in your wardrobe. And guess what gents, I got you too as this post cuts across the board. So here goes our outfit of the day(ootd), a white tee plus denim, basic right? Precisely my point!

This look really is simple and requires very minimal accessories to go with. It’s best for days when you want to dress down, be comfortable and have some fun with friends especially during the weekend. So for the shoes you can pair them with stilettos or sneakers for ultimate comfort, choose whatever suits your preference. Personally I went for these shoes as they make the entire look pop!

As basic as the look may seem, don’t down play it, make sure you slay it!

This shoot was fun! Enjoy the pictures.

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White tee : Tom (0708403511)

shoes and denim pants : mr price

neckpiece: recho fashion sense





A Pop of Blue!


Photography by Iam_Mugich

Off shoulder tops are here to stay and for a long time! I personally have been obsessed with them as they are easy to pair with almost any bottom, pants or skirt and that’s a sure win.

For this outfit, I wore them with a black skirt which you will see more of in posts to come. The only tip to rock your off shoulder top is to wear a strapless bra, this leaves room for all attention to be focused on ’em shoulders!

So yaaas when the sun comes out to play, rock your off shoulder and flaunt those shoulders guurl!

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Mua: Ndunge

Top : Snc_official

Skirt: Thrift

Shoes: Backyard



Double Denim


Photography by Iam_mugich

Ola my people! So today we talk about all things denim, and double denim to be more precise. This pairing has got to be my fave since it is so easy to pull off, simple to pair with most accessories and ooh so comfortable!

So for the accessories I went for gold earrings just because I really like these earrings but also that shade of blue on my denim perfectly blended with the gold.Yes? and speaking of shades, the top should really match the bottom shade in both your denim pieces for a clean cut look.

Can we spare a minute to talk about these shoes.Man the minute I saw them in the shop we had an instant connection and I knew I had to get them, especially since them came in nude. Any-who you can easily pair them with either sneaks or sandals, whatever suits your comfort!

What are your ideal accessories and shoes pairings for a double denim outfit?Share in the comment section.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the pictures and follow for updates!

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The Kimono


Photography by Iam_Mugich

The kimono should at this point make it to the closet staples category  meaning you should at least own one especially given the current Nairobi heat,you’ll be doing yourself and your skin a big huge favor guurl!

Essentially kimonos were meant to be used as cover ups for beach wear such as bikinis, but as it is they found their way to the mainland where we ‘at.It can be perfectly paired with a vest, a body suit or even a dress,find what suits you best and as I always say,your style is what you what you want it to be.

A  plus for me for the kimonos is their length which so easily sways in the wind (as you will see in the pictures). So go get your kimono and get blown away! See what I did there? No? Ha!

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sunnies : Mr price

hat and kimono: thrift

shoes : bata ngomas

pants and tee: same here


Matchy Matchy


Photography by Iam_Mugich

Howdy? I hope the young year is treating you well so far; on my end I’ve been catching up with my reading (books,not school work) and my current read is the Alchemist which I should finish in the next few days.Anyway I digress, this pairing is all about being matchy matchy in order to create a monochrome look.

We all have that one shirt or top that could well in match with pants or a skirt in our closets and perfectly blend to create a monochrome pairing. they must not necessarily be the same shade but should at least be close for perfection. So that’s what I did with the light green shirt and camo pants,and yes they almost look like twinsies.I added the red lippie to break the monotony of the earth colors.

Go ahead and find your monochrome pairings. Be experimental and have fun while at it!

Thanks for reading!

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Off Shoulder Goodness!


Photography by Mavo Gg

As we wrap up 2016, I decided to do one last post featuring this cute little piece.With the Nairobi heat or rather the heat all over the country, we could do with an outfit that exposes us to some good ol’ vit D and allows our skin some breathing time at the same time we look trendy! Talk of killing more than two birds with one stone!

I paired my off shoulder to with a fitting skirt both of which made a perfect match. You could also pair it with fitting shorts or pants…the key here is to make sure what you pair it with actually fits perfectly since the top is kinda loose.On accessorizing, I’d prefer you minimise on jewellery , a pair of earrings will do it since all the attention will be on the shoulders.

So ladies don’t shy away from flaunting those collar bones and that shoulder in this heat and have fun while at it!

Also a big shout out to every single one of you who reads my blog ! You guys are the reason I do this and I feel so blessed to have all of you as my readers.Sending lots of love your way and for the next coming phase, expect greater content than ever before! May 2017 be full of love,joy and blessings for all of us !

Thanks for reading

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mua : Ndunge

top& skirt : Mr price

earrings : masai market